Jazz en Dominicana
Jazz en Dominicana
Jazz en Dominicana


Dominican Fiesta Hotel Santo Domingo
Av. Anacaona 101, Santo Domingo
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Jun 21 2024


8:00 pm - 11:45 pm

Fiesta Sunset Jazz: Montano Project – Summer’s Welcome

Get ready for a spectacular evening at Fiesta Sunset Jazz this Friday, June 21st! Celebrate the arrival of the Summer Solstice—the longest day of the year—with the electrifying performance of the talented Cuban saxophonist JosĂ© Ernesto Páez Montano, affectionately known as “Montano Sax.” It’s going to be a special musical celebration like no other!
Experience the unmatched energy of live music that recordings simply can’t capture. Feel the thrill of musicians playing together in front of an audience, without retakes—there’s something incredibly powerful and exciting about experiencing it all in person. And that’s exactly what awaits you if you join us to enjoy Montano on sax, along with fellow Cuban Kevin Arrechea on piano, Daroll MĂ©ndez on bass, LuĂ­s Tonos on drums, and special guest Jeffrey Aponte on percussion, all the way from Cuba.
This dynamic project showcases an exquisite repertoire featuring arrangements by Montano Sax and Kevin, as well as their own original compositions that span various styles within jazz, particularly emphasizing Latin Jazz. Don’t miss out on hits like “Song to My Son,” “Ay Mamá InĂ©s,” “El Manisero,” “Chromazone,” and “Start With the Blue,” not to mention their unique take on “Summertime!” Join us for an unforgettable start to your summer!

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